Check out Amy Cuddy, social psychologist and Harvard professor before you start preparing for your meeting, negotiation or presentation. Watching her TED Talk is worth it.


The correct training for your needs

In half-, one- or two-day trainings, seven days in the week, in-house or at a seminar hotel, we enable you to improve and build on your skills in different subject areas. In the process we always keep the goals of the participants in mind. more

Strength-based coachings

Our coachings are oriented to your strengths. This concept is part of positive psychology, which focuses on one’s advantageous characteristics. The coaching addresses your personal assets, not your deficits. more

Digital Solutions

We also offer you digital solutions: via telephone or videoconference. In addition to the trainings and coachings, further appointments can take place (individual or group) via telephone or videoconference. more



Basics of employee management – Successful junior managers

Would you like to bring yourself up to date regarding the concepts, requirements, styles and duties related to management. Is it important for you to be able to better assess the strengths and weaknesses of your project team? more



Conflict management – Understanding and successfully resolving conflicts

Organizational development strategies, such as outsourcing and lean-management may result in a very tense atmosphere at times in the department. Managers spend more and more time in the role of a conflict manager. more


Understanding different communication styles – MBTI

We know that because people are so different regarding their needs, communication is often not trouble-free. How to determine the different communication approaches will be shown in the training. more


Feedback discussions – Giving professional feedback

“Critical discussion” and “feedback discussion” are not one and the same. The professional Human Resources management clearly distinguishes between the two; however, in Germany managers frequently fail to make this distinction. more


Arguing conclusively, convincing and motivating

To convey your opinion conclusively and convincingly in a manner that is also rhetorically and professionally effective is no magic trick. When mixed skillfully, ideas, arguments and concerns can be communicated to others in a way that they will find motivating. more


Key competence Business English

Do you have to speak English confidently and convincingly in your everyday working life? Would you like to improve significantly your English at the most favorable time and cost conditions in order to meet your own native-language demands? more