The following topics are the core competencies of Hahn & Hartman Kommunikation. You can combine these topics (and others as per agreement) in a modular format.


I. Field of competence: Business psychology

1. Examples of trainings / Coaching topics in the management area


Management – Basics of employee management – Successful junior managers

Management – How experienced managers can improve their performance

Management – Feedback discussions – Giving professional and motivating feedbacks

Management – Conflict management – Understanding and successfully resolving conflicts

Management – Delegating sensibly

Management – Introverted and manager – Use your full potential

Management – Women manage differently – Seize the opportunity

Management – Diversity management – Meet the challenges regarding teams of different age groups and cultures

Management – Intercultural management competence – Target-aimed preparation for another culture
Management – Business ethics for managers and junior managers 

2. Examples of trainings in the communication area

Psychology of conducting discussions – Applying the basics of communication

Psychology of conducting discussions – Understanding different communication styles – MBTI

Psychology of conducting discussions – Reaching a goal in negotiations that is fair and to the benefit of all

Psychology of conducting discussions – Arguing conclusively, convincing, and motivating

Psychology of conducting discussions – Working out sensible resolutions concerning conflicts

Psychology of conducting discussions – Body language – You decide what impression you make

3. Examples of trainings in the personal-development area

Potential analysis – Discover your personality and use your full potential

4. Examples of trainings in the work-techniques area

Presentations – Strategies for effective presentations

Self-management – Personality, work techniques, creativity techniques and time management

Stress management – Recognizing and utilizing resources

Decision management – Applying problem-solving techniques


II. Field of competence: Business English


1. Banking English area

2. Legal English area

           [ General Business English area]

3. Social English area